The average employee works 90,000 hours in their life and spends a majority of that time resisting their unpalatable present. Madisen was inspired to create a revolution of people who enjoy their work, are high performers, on purpose, can have a laugh, be more than decent human beings to one another and craft the best 90,000 hours they can.

She actively helps people move from loathing, to liking and (maybe) even loving their jobs by changing their attitude, behavior and / or environment…one employee at a time.

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She has recently co-authored a book with Dr Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, Arielle Ford; John Assaraf & Michael Beckwith from ‘The Secret’. The book will be available in 2009 and is entitled, ‘Wake Up…Live the Life You Love – Living in the Now’.

Madisen holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, minoring in Communications, Masters of Commerce in Marketing, minoring in Organizational Behavior and Change and a Higher Diploma of Advanced Freelance Journalism.

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