I’ve decided this month is my full immersion in joy. Those around me would consider me to be a lighthearted, easy-going, fun person but there is another part of me that can be quite serious as I wear the ‘all-business’ face and demeanor.

I’m also a ‘do’-aholic and often in this addicted frame of mind.

The other 40% of the time I’m ‘doing’ in joy, like now, as I write this post. But as my Outlook calendar reminded me six times  during the week to write this blog post, I was in the other 60% of over-worked, over-whelmed and running through life part of my life. Yes, that’s right, I was getting stressed about writing a blog about joy – oh the ridiculousness.

So I’ve decided to explore, expand and revel in joy. You would think it would be easy, but I’m finding it a challenge!

My learning mind tells me I could read books on joy, ask others for their experience or just fumble along in my pursuit. But since I discovered meditation I truly believe all the answers we need are within. For those of you have attended my seminars you’ll also know that I ask a lot of questions because I don’t believe in prescribing my way of living to those who attend. Because my way, works for me, and may not work for you.

So I decided to take my own advice and go within during a mediation where I asked my higher-self about how we can become more joyful in our lives.  Here is the message I received:

“How can we achieve more joy in our lives?

You must elicit joy from each and every aspect of you day. Joy is not something to look forward to, to reminisce about, it is a current reality that you are experiencing moment by moment.

How do we increase our connection with joy?

You must create space within your lives to be mindful of joy, to elicit it, to feel it, to acknowledge that is it here. Too often you race through life, busily doing one task after the other. You are so overwhelmed and this energy squashes out joy.

Slow down, do not over commit yourself, create space.

Start by making a list of things you thoroughly enjoy and immerse yourselves in them at least four times a week. In those moments, take the time to feel and experience the joy of what you are doing. It is now time to grow that process into other areas of your life.

Even when you’re doing things that may be ‘ordinary’ in your life, joy is just a perception. Just as those with a seemingly wonderful life lack bliss and those with perceived hardships can have effervescent, joyous smiles that light up themselves and the world around them.

Consider your last week and identify when you were joyous. You will often be surprised at what makes you so happy.

Sit for just a few seconds and take the wonderful excitement from those other experience and implant it into the current situation.  Start by doing this.

Ms Elizabeth can do the same.

This is one of the last aspects of your development that you will embrace and live. We are most pleased with your progress and are excited at the essence of you.

Anything else?

All is well in your world, please take time to rest and be easy and free with yourself.  You know there is a great amount to do, but in a world such as yours where there is much manifesting, it will never stop. So take the time to relax and not feel as though you are missing out on anything.  It is an abundant world and all the rich blessings are there for you at anytime.”

Next post I’ll share the four things that make me joyous and what I what I discovered made me happy this week…you’ll be surprised, I know I was!

This post is part of the ‘Enlightenment Experiment’, in May 2010 my intuition served up five words in response to my desire to live a more fulfilled and happy life. Those words were: trust, knowing, love, peace and joy. I’m embodying these concepts until the end of the year to see if my intuition has handed me the key to personal enlightenment. Feel free to play along and comment below. Discover your own words or embrace mine!