There comes a time in most people’s lives where they reflect on their journey to date. In my case I’ve been reflecting since the year 2000!

The good news is, I feel like I’ve come a long way. For the most part I’ve:

– silenced the inner critic
– stopped sweating the small stuff
– realized I always have choices
– let others enjoy their journey without my interference
– embraced meditation
– stopped being so judgmental (that one was a biggie!), and
– developed and followed my intuition

to name just a few life improvements.

And it’s this last point that inspired me to write this blog post. There are certain times in my life where ideas and intuition have come through loud and clear, it’s usually in the shower or when I’m walking in nature with my dogs. The inspirational gem I’m going to share with you now occurred during one such walk.

At the time I was thinking about what a good life I have. I have a great husband and we enjoy our little fur-family of a cat and two dogs, we live in a lovely house overlooking the water and have nice family and friends. I knew my life was great but I wasn’t feeling the pleasure.

So it got me thinking, what could I do to truly embody happiness and appreciate the life I’d carefully crafted?  No sooner had I asked myself this question when five words immediately popped into my head: trust, knowing, joy, love and peace.  Sure they were ‘interesting’ words but I didn’t consider them to be the awe inspiriting answer to my question so I just let them go and continued with my walk.

But something was trying to get my attention as a three ‘coincidences’ occurred and the word JOY was like a neon sign. First I had a conversation with a friend and we decided we needed more joy and play in our lives. Next, I was throwing something in the garbage bin and noticed a piece of paper with ‘joy‘ written in large words, a few hours later I received a new subscriber to my email newsletter and her name was Joy.   ‘Joy’ was obviously the word of the day.

So I’ve decided, until the end of 2010, I’m going to embody these words and see if my intuition has handed me the key to enlightenment.  I plan to explore the essence of these concepts, live them and generally just roll around and have a really good time with them.

I’d also like invite you to be part of the Enlightenment Experiment, play along with my words or check-in with yourself and ask your intuition for your own inspirational ideas to create and live your best life.  Let me know how you’re going by posting comments below and sharing our thoughts with others by passing on this link.  It would be exciting to see the progress of everyone’s Enlightenment Experiment.

Most readers will consider ‘joy’ the focus of this post, but I really see it as ‘trust’ and ‘knowing’. Trust that the five words are meant for me to explore and having a deep sense of knowing that embodying these words will truly make a difference to the way I live my life.

Let the journey begin!