Tiger Woods recently visited Australia to play at the Australian Masters. There was great fan fare around his arrival and the locals seems to be genuinely pleased that he was playing….but of course there were also the nay-sayers.

A picture of Tiger flashed on the TV screen and a relative I was visiting said, “Oh, I hope he doesn’t win the tournament.” When I asked why they didn’t want him to win they responded by saying that they were sick of him winning all the golfing prizes.

A few days later I was at a party and overheard a conversation which followed the same lines. “I hope he doesn’t win.” They gave no reason why, they just wanted to put the kibosh on his success.

These comments made me wonder – do we live in a culture that believes – “enough is enough, it’s time to give someone else a go at the top spot”?

After all, why would we want to deny someone their success considering they’ve no doubt invested blood, sweat and tears to develop their knowledge, skills, expertise and talents. And even if their rise was an easy one, who are we to say they don’t deserve the accolades?

Or, perhaps there’s a belief that if someone is successful there’s less success for others. Sure there can only be one ‘winner’ in a tournament. But in life, there can be more than one successful person in any arena.

So ask yourself:

– Am I stingy when it comes to the success of others, do I become jealous or try to find fault in them?
– Do I make judgments and criticisms about people in the public eye, even though I don’t know them personally, they have never affected my life and my only access to them is via the media?
– Am I more focused on putting others down than investing the effort in developing myself?

Often the most successful people live by the adage:
“If you knew how little people thought about you – you wouldn’t worry about what they thought”

They just get on with achieving their desires. What about you?