I recently came across the article below that stated there was no room for ‘good news’ and ‘successful people’ in today’s economic climate.

OK then.

So it’s just best to wallow in a state of perpetual dis-ease.

Ask yourself if your organization is a microcosm of negativity? If I think back, every company I have worked in has been consistent in their behavior.

They Roll Out the Negative When

  • they’re not making budget (it’s the economy, the clients are tightening their belts, the cost of goods have skyrocketed)
  • it’s pay rise or bonus time (“We haven’t done well this year, so your pay will only go up by 3%” or “We can’t afford to give bonuses”)
  • they’re too lazy to think and create opportunities and would rather cut jobs (notice how they rarely cut management jobs, personally I think they should get rid of one chief and save themselves three Indians for the same amount of money)


They Roll Out the Positive When…

  • they’re trying to justify spending money (“You’ve got to spend money to make money”)
  • they’re justifying their huge executive pay increases or bonuses
  • talking to shareholders
  • reporting to the ‘head honcho’ so it makes it look like they’re doing a great job


Basically the good and the bad of an organizational climate is based on  (personal) circumstances. But that doesn’t have to flow into your life.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the phrase, “You get what you focus on.”  But I’m a strong believer in it. If you think your job is crummy, you’re never going to make budget or deadlines will never be met, then that’s exactly what you get.

People often say to me, “It’s easy for you to stay positive because you’re so lucky.” In their eyes things come easily to me – and to a large extent they do because I think life should be easy. One of my pet peeves is hearing, “Life wasn’t meant to be fair.” – who says?!

In my eyes they were using my ‘luck’ as an excuse to not get off their butt and create something great in their lives. My friend Jeanie takes great offense when people call her “lucky” because she says it takes away from her hard work, dedication and persistence. It’s not luck, it’s being proactive.

Think about it:

If you want a great job, that is 100% up to you. There are no excuses and no luck.

Take Action:

Think of something that makes you happy, for example a celebration, relationship, holiday or the sunshine and notice the feeling it gives you.

Now think of something that makes you unhappy and consider how that makes you feel.

Which state would you rather be in? Most people focus on the unhappy aspects of their work and therefore feel that yucky misery. So why not turn that around? Here’s how.

Look for ‘the good’ in your current job. Focus on it and be thankful. Appreciate and validate your co-workers and see what a difference that makes to your work relationships.

If there are aspects you don’t like, don’t dwell on them, instead look to improve them by changing your attitude, behavior and / or environment. Create an action plan. I know when I was finally fed up with my job and I couldn’t see ways to improve the situation I always felt much better when I was job hunting because I felt like I was taking action to improve my situation instead of just sitting there like a victim.


Here’s the article if you want to waste your time:

‘The Big Idea’ Shelved

An insider with knowledge of the situation tells TVNewser the idea of a “success show” is not right in this economic climate.