Whenever I’m interacting with a business there is one sentence that is like a red rag to a bull for me and it’s, “That’s our policy.”

Oh really!

I’m sorry to say that the only people that care about your policies are either the people who’ve made them and the people who hide behind them. The rest of us either haven’t read them, wouldn’t have a clue where to find them and don’t give a flying hoot.

When I once asked to eyeball said policy they told me I had to look on the Internet, to which I kindly explained that if I had to visit and read the policies of every company I transacted with I would never leave the house, nor would they ever make any money as people would be too busy reading and have no time to shop!

If you’re a policy maker or enforcer, think about how it impacts your work and job satisfaction? How flexible do you feel when you’re surrounded by rules and regulations? Do you ever question whether they’re necessary or just a way to make you robotically interact with the marketplace? If you don’t see the point, talk to the policy makers (who often have little to no client interaction) and make them aware that unnecessary restrictions aren’t doing the employees or the business any favors.

The next time someone runs that big fat policy excuse past you, hurtle this one back at them, “Good to know, but MY policy is TELL THEM WHAT YOU NEED.” They’re amazed, after all if they can make up policies to deal with them, you can have yours on how to deal with you too.